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General Writing Help Poetry Analysis Writing Literary Elements
Literary Terms Poetry and Literary Analysis Graphic Organizers Literature Circles
Poetry Writing Literary Analysis and Interpretation Writing Short Stories
Career Research Essay/Non-Fiction Analysis and Interpretation  
Comparison/Contrast Writing Book Review Writing LITERATURE
Persuasive Writing VIEWING & SPEAKING Animal Farm
Various Genres Of Writing Viewing Romeo & Juliet
"Grammar for All" DVD Debate To Kill A Mockingbird & Snow Falling On Cedars (Movie)
Narrative Writing Socratic Seminars The Odyssey
Plagiarism-Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quotation REPORT PAPERS  
Pre-AP Research Paper  
Law Day 07 Report  


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General Writing Help

6+1 Writing Traits Rubric based on work by ©Northwest Regional Educational Lab

Cliché Worksheets

Draft Workday Checklist

General Typed Text Expectations at CKJH

Introductory Techniques

Integrating Quotations into Sentences Thanks Randy Rambo, Illinois Community College

Methods of Elaboration poster © Mary Ellen Ledbetter

Methods of Elaboration handout © Mary Ellen Ledbetter

Nine Sentence Patterns

Peer Evaluation based on Six Traits © Northwest Regional Laboratory

Run-On sentences handout

Sentence Variety Ideas © Mary Ellen Ledbetter

Smiley Face Tricks © Mary Ellen Ledbetter

Sentence Types and Patterns From AP Vertical Teams Guide

Transition Words

Transition Words Poster

WASL Writing Rubric

Writing Reflection

Writing Reflection Tool - thanks to Bonnie Fulton. based on Six Traits © Northwest Regional Laboratory 

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Literary Terms

(Aristotle’s) Types of Rhetorical Appeals

Alliteration - Thanks Greg Williams

AP English Poetry Terms

CKSD Literary Terms Grades 7-9

Figurative Language handout

Poetry Terms Presentation Rubric

Poetic Devices

Rhetorical Devices & Strategies

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Poetry Writing

Figurative Language- Extended Metaphor Poems

Line Breaks...How do I know where the line breaks should go in a poem?

Poetry Unit with sample poems

Themed Poetry Book

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Career Research

Career Research Assignments

Occupational Information Sheet

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Comparison/Contrast Writing

Bias essay comparing MSNBC election information to candidate's websites

Comparison/Contrast using Cinderella (Brothers Grimm story, poetry from The Poets Grimm, and the Disney Movie) Pre-writing Sheet

Comparison/Contrast Revision Help Sheet based on work from © Mary Ellen Ledbetter

Comparison Contrast Graphic Organizer Thanks to Read, Write, Think

Comparison Contrast Help Sheet Thanks to Read, Write, Think

Comparison/Contrast Rubric based on Purpose & Supporting details, organization & structure, transitions & coherence, and conventions

Comparison/Contrast 6-point Holistic Scoring Rubric

Self Check for Comparison/Contrast papers

Writing Reflection

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Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Paper Final Draft Revision Help Sheet

Persuasive Writing 6-point rubric

Persuasive Techniques

Voting Age assignment sheet and graphic organizer

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Various Genres of Writing

Extended Metaphor Essay Revision Help Sheet based on work from © Mary Ellen Ledbetter

Letter to the President Rubric- Thanks to Greg Williams

Personal Narrative Rubric- Thanks to Greg Williams

The Autobiography - Thanks to Greg Williams

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"Grammar for All" DVD 

Notes - Outline part I: Nouns, Pronouns, and Adjectives © The Standard Deviants

Notes - chart part II: Verbs © The Standard Deviants

Self Quiz I - Nouns, Pronouns, and Adjectives © The Standard Deviants

Self Quiz II - Verbs © The Standard Deviants

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Narrative Writing

Narrative Analytic Evaluation Rubric © McGraw-Hill

Peer and Self-Assessment Guides for Narrative Writing © McGraw-Hill 

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Plagiarism - Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quotations

Is this  Plagiarism? Answer Sheet

Summarize, Paraphrase, or Direct Quotation 

What is Plagiarism at Indiana University?

What is Plagiarism? Practice 

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Poetry Analysis Writing

"Cut" by Sylvia Plath with vocabulary definitions

Draft 1 Check Poetry Analysis

"Dream Deferred" writing PROMPT

Explication #1 Revision Help Sheet

Explication #2 Revision Help Sheet (personal choice poem)

Final Poetry Analysis Assignment

Final Poetry Analysis Revision Help Sheet

Poetry Explication Guidelines and Sample using "Road not Taken" by Robert Frost

Poetry Analysis Revision

Speaker and Character in Poetry

"The Road Not Taken" PROMPT

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Poetry & Literary Analysis Graphic Organizers

APPARTS Graphic Organizer

Character Analysis Outline

Comparison Contrast Graphic Organizer Thanks to Read, Write, Think

DIDLS, TPCASTT, SIFT, TWIST Graphic Organizers (and/or explanation)

Interpretation Worksheet

Lit Analysis Planning Guide

Major Literature Review Organizer

Mrs. Cassel's Blank Outline

S.O.A.P.S. Graphic Organizer

S.O.A.P.S.Tone Graphic Organizer

TPCASTT Graphic Organizer

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Literary Analysis Writing

Character Analysis Help sheet

Literary Analysis 6-point Rubric

Lit Analysis (non-print text) Final Draft Revision Help Sheet based on work from © Mary Ellen Ledbetter

Literary Cause and Effect Essay Assignment sheet and graphic organizer (Chapter 4 Elements of Language)

Literary Cause and Effect Revision Help Sheet based on work from © Mary Ellen Ledbetter

Revision Help sheet - Common Errors in Lit Analysis

Response to Literature Rubric

Response II to Literature Rubric

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Essay/Non-fiction Analysis and Interpretation

"How it Feels to be Colored Me" by Zora Neale Hurston Essay Prompt

Steps for analyzing text

The Declaration of Sentiments & The Declaration of Independence - Declarations Reading Guide (3 files)

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Book Review

Book Review Pre-Writing and assignment sheet based on Elements of Language Text 

Book Review Revision help sheet

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Advertising Homework

Film Vocabulary

Marketing Strategies for Teens

Rubric for Print Advertisement and the Audience Participation for Advertisement Presentations

Visual Literacy Guide

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Debate Rules and Roles

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Socratic Seminar

Guidelines for Socratic Seminar

Stem Questions that facilitate discussion

Socratic Seminar Questions assignment (Pre- seminar Homework)

Socratic Seminar Rubric

Socratic Seminar Reflection

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Pre-AP Research Paper

Peer Conference Record


Research Paper Checklist


Sample Title Page

Self Evaluation

Skeleton Essay

Steps 1-5

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Lay Day 07 Report

Law Day 2007 Essay Topics

Law Day 2007 Rules, Judging Criteria, and Prizes

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Literary Elements

Literary Elements


Character Notes

Creating a Character Worksheet

Illustrated Character

Learning More About Characters

You as a character worksheet

Plot, Setting, Conflict, and Narration

Plot Diagram assignment and "The Three Little Pigs" examples

Plot outline (so far) assignment "The Three Little Pigs" example

Plot notes and worksheet

Setting Notes

Theme Notes

Understanding conflict and plot diagrams

What is narration and point of view

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Literature Circles

Literature Circle - Discussion Roles (based on Reciprocal Teaching strategies)

Literature Circle Test

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Short Stories

Short Story Assignment

Short Story Rubric- Thanks to Greg Williams

Stephen King Short Stories from Skeleton Crew Questions for "The Reaper's Image" & "Word Processor of the Gods"

"The Mist" by Stephen King Questions

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Animal Farm

Chapter Projects

Vocabulary Words

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Romeo and Juliet

Act One Review 

Act Two Review

Act Three Review

Act Four Review

Act Five Review

Formal Paper (Character, Theme, or Plot Analysis)

Journal and Discussion Questions by Act and Scene

Language of Shakespeare - Thanks to Greg Williams

Movie Comparison Graphic Organizer 1996 vs. 1968

Notebook Table of Contents

Perfect Mate Survey based on Act I Scene II

Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt (via Internet)

Shakespeare's Sonnets 18 vs. 130

Scene Summary sheet

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To Kill A Mockingbird

"A Disappointed Woman" Vs. To Kill a Mockingbird - Text  & Activity

Allusions Wkst

Characterization Chart -  To Kill a Mockingbird

Film Study

Foreshadowing homework

Final Exam Study Questions

Group Theme Project - To Kill a Mockingbird

Library of Congress Photograph Analysis Assignment

Short Answer Study Guide Questions by Chapter for Reading Check Quizzes

Tracking Themes in TKM

Vocabulary II

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Snow Falling on Cedars

Rubric for Timeline Snow Falling on Cedars

Character Comparison TKM & Snow

Historical Introduction Snow Falling on Cedars

Snow Review 1

Snow Review 2

Snow Review 3

Snow Review 4

TKM & Snow Comparison/Contrast Essay

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The Odyssey

Background Information

Journal questions

My Washington Odyssey

Odyssey Reflection Essay

O Brother Where Art Thou comparison chart

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What is the purpose of this page?

Creating rubrics, assignments, and lessons takes up too much of my time. I created this as a way to share the things that I have created/collected over the last ten years. In turn, I hope that other teachers would share their great handouts, rubrics, and lessons they have created to make all our lives a little bit easier. 

Where did these papers come from? 

I apologize if I have not given you credit where credit is due.

Feel free to use any of these materials for educational use 
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